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Lemken Kompaktor S-series v2.0
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Lemken Kompaktor S-series v2.0

So then I add here once before my Lemken compactor. A very good tool after plough ander before seed.

- S400 für Systemträger Gigant 800 optimert
- Decal_spec texture hinzugefügt

- optimized S400 for carrier system Gigant 800
- added Decal_spec texture

Important note:
The mod may not be modified and new uploaded!

Avaiable models
Work width:    3m - 1,5 m by two compactors on rigid frame.
Power        :   120 - 140 PS

Work width:    4m - 2 by two compactors on rigid frame.
Power        :   140 - 160 PS
- not use in road traffic
- standard using as a pair on the Gigant 800 carrier

V1 have all LS15 standardfeatures:
light, particles, "Earthmoving" at tines, rotating rolls and of course washable
Higher versions will content more features. Please read the versionhistory or readme/liesmich in the downloaded zip  
Link to the foldable Kompaktors

V2.0 Die Gigant optimization
Time to prepare for the first model of the Lemken Gigant series. The Gigant 800 will release tomorrow 20.10.2016
A first preview screen is uploaded here.

Modell: ImpTS
Textur: ImpTS
Script: ImpTS
Tester: ImpTS

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