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Lemken Korund 750l v1.2
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Lemken Korund 750l v1.2

Version 1.2
Particlesystem angepasst
Rollen drehen beim fahren nicht mehr mit

The seedbed corundum is characterized by particularly good leveling, loosening and crumbling of the soil combined with a high area performance. His whole ability shows the device in professional potato or maize because there just leaves a wide selection of different zinc fields desired.
Working width: 7.50 m Transport width: 3.00m Transport Height: 3.35m
Adjustments to LS15:
Completely redesigned XML to LS15 Standard

V1.2 adjustments;
adapted Particlesystem
Rollers stop turning when driving
Should you have any questions or you find any errors, please apply via PM to me.
The mod may not be offered on other sites for download, but only using the original download links! The mod may not be changed without the consent of the original modders or newly uploaded
This mod may be Offered for download on other sites, but only by using the original download links. The mod may not be altered or re-uploaded without the consent of the original modders.

LS13: www.LS-Landtechnik.com , Model: Repin (many thanks for sharing)
LS15: TaranDwyn


Modell: Repi
Textur: Repi
Script: Giants
LS15 Konvertierung & Anpassung: TaranDwyn
Idee / Konzept: www.LS-Landtechnik.com

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