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Lemken Saphir 8 v1.0
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Lemken Saphir 8 v1.0

Since I can not begin so much with the red equipment, I have the Pöttinger Vitasem umgeskinnt at Lemken. Of course, the original Saphir 8 is slightly different, but there are similarities.

Adapted texture
Raised Füllvollumen on 800l (corresponding to the original Lemken)
Weight of Pöttinger model by about 10% revised downwards (thus running the smaller tractors like the Lamborghini nitro or Steyr 4115 a little more stable on a slope - I mean)
Direktsaatfunktion added (tested on the standard maps, and is stable with helpers)

Comments are hidden, since I have no opinion about the usual ungrateful remarks. Bring me the machine fun, I share it with others for free. Done.
The mod may not be available for download again elsewhere.


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