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Lemken Solitair 10CL seed container v1.0
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Lemken Solitair 10CL seed container v1.0

Lemken Solitair 10 CL Saataufsatzbehälter
Volume 7500 liters
Seed hoppers for Xerion SaddleTrac 3800
Filling function for the drill and the Maisdrille
Animated hydraulic hoses and cables
Animated filling tube

Modell: Bayerbua
Textur: Bayerbua
Idee / Konzept: Bayeruba
Script: Zusammenfassung aller Geräte von Bayerbua

  • Problem
    2018-07-07 09:24
    This mod has some error problems with the attatchment joints um. Somehow i cant get this thing to hook onto the middle of the damn tractor itself D:X.
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