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Lenco Airhead v1.0
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Lenco Airhead v1.0

Have fun and enjoy!!!

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  • Guest
    2016-01-30 10:01
    this mod is copyed right to fsasmc.com please remove it thanks
  • @ guest
    2016-01-30 10:03
    hey this is a stolen mod good job u stopped fuck...
  • John
    2016-01-30 15:55
    get the violin out, the crying starts again..........
  • Captin75
    2016-01-30 19:40
    i made the mod i dont care if its been shared but please put fsasmc.com in desc the sight has awesome mods
  • Nice
    2016-01-31 00:43
    Thanks Captin75 for sharing your mods with the community. I will download directly from your site for my use only. People make sure you credit the creators of these fine mods!
  • Everyone
    2016-01-31 09:49
    yes everyone fsasmc.com has really good mods..the owner of the site is really nice and helps others out...everyone should head over...http://fsasmc.com/
  • Dumbasses
    2016-05-09 09:54
    I seriously wonder when you dombasses will ever realize that you CANNOT copyright anything in mods for FS, you cant copyright models because once they are I3d they are giants property, ALSO, you cannot copyright xml as any kind of intellectual property, because then you would be copyrighting property that isnt yours, so seriously, grow up, play the game, and fuck yourselves, because obviously all of you threatening to sue, dont have a girlfriend to do it for you!
  • Jeremy
    2016-05-24 22:55
    Interesting harvester, but HUGE! It needs a lot of room to turn around after each pass. The only real issue I have is with the AI worker: AI workers keep harvesting even if you aren't following with a trailer to collect the crop, resulting in loss of crops.
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