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Lenco Airhead v1.0
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Lenco Airhead v1.0

Have fun and enjoy!!!

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  • Guest
    2016-01-30 10:01
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    this mod is copyed right to fsasmc.com please remove it thanks
  • John
    2016-01-30 15:55
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    get the violin out, the crying starts again..........
  • Captin75
    2016-01-30 19:40
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    i made the mod i dont care if its been shared but please put fsasmc.com in desc the sight has awesome mods
  • Nice
    2016-01-31 00:43
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    Thanks Captin75 for sharing your mods with the community. I will download directly from your site for my use only. People make sure you credit the creators of these fine mods!
  • Everyone
    2016-01-31 09:49
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    yes everyone fsasmc.com has really good mods..the owner of the site is really nice and helps others out...everyone should head over...http://fsasmc.com/
  • Jeremy
    2016-05-24 22:55
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    Interesting harvester, but HUGE! It needs a lot of room to turn around after each pass. The only real issue I have is with the AI worker: AI workers keep harvesting even if you aren't following with a trailer to collect the crop, resulting in loss of crops.
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