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Lettuce Trigger v0.5 beta
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Lettuce Trigger v0.5 beta

The lettuce trigger
converts the salad pallets of Andy1978 aka Farmer_Andy
in a normal FillTypen with the same designation to (lettuce).
This trigger stores to 50000 Lettuce and this can be with suitable transport facilities (such as the following) easily transported. The Kapatzität can be increased by leaving of transportation systems in the filling-trigger, which are then filled first. The stock quantity is indicated by two rows of box only (first once, second from 40000). Very close to the salad placeable buildings (see pictures).
In below outlets will this be accepted (näturlich the range form). Store You can find him if you want even at other camps.

http://www.modhoster.de/mods/ros-verarbeitung-und-verkauf (Marktplatz)
http://www.modhoster.de/mods/ros-supermarkt-und-verkaufsstelle (All)

NEW for Map-builder:
Can also be fitted with the GE. For quick installation for self-interest:
User have the UPK (see above) and my mods still in mod folder have (placement works better & game runs then possibly with weak PC's better).
Just unzip the zip, then import the folder into the folder "map" your map with the GE object then placing store ready.
If the map is available for download, short questions than answers there remember exact installation instructions and credits.
Thanks to mor2000 without its UPK Mod this is not possible.


  • Muhammad
    2015-05-02 00:32
    Hello,Could you explain more..this mod consists to store lettuce palett and sell it?
  • Blg


    2015-05-15 21:14
    il existe une fourgonnette pour vendre les laitue il me semble
  • Moi


    2016-01-24 14:02
    je recherche camion et/ou fourgon pour transport et vente facile des laitue svp mercisi quelqu'un a un lien
  • Deafgamer
    2016-04-11 22:43
    Doesn't work, what universal process kit did you use? Which version?
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