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Lexion 795 Vario 1350 v1.0
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Lexion 795 Vario 1350 v1.0

The Claas Lexion 780 TerraTrac Package makes a perfect vehicle and tools combination for all combine-fans available. The package contains both two cutters (crop, maize) and a cutter-width adjusted trailer.

The cutterbar has a significant influence on the throughput capacity of the combine harvester. The even feed of the crop to the threshing mechanism enables the performance potential of the machine to be fully utilised.

Throughput begins at the front, which is why CLAAS pays particular attention to front attachments. This also applies to the CONSPEED maize header series.

Model: Vasilisvasilis31

  • Serios farmer
    2016-07-07 18:54
    What sia through the harvester .mazas tonnage of you not up donkeys loaded with the larger tonazsu insofar as the Claas harvester
  • Keegs321
    2016-07-10 02:41
    the next tier of the claas harvesters that i have! noice!
  • Play it real
    2016-07-16 01:43
    If you wanna play as in real-life , change the xml for the combine . Fuel change to 159 usage, unload 135Liter.seconds , also change the tank size to 13500Lt , thats how the biggest 780 is using in fuel and unload , I got all the info from Class USA , the only minor "error" is that the tube is a bit to short to be the biggets ... Anyway, just wanna share .
  • Rockdpm
    2017-01-02 07:33
    Can you port this over to FS17? It was one of my fave's from FS15.
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