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Liebherr Holzernter v1.0
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Liebherr Holzernter v1.0

There is a strong but kenbackten Liebher Holzernter.
Modell: Lienher
Idee / Konzept: famer505
Tester: famer 505


  • Daniel
    2016-03-27 19:29
    this is actually Rambow145's mod called the Beta buncher
  • Ambulance9
    2016-06-06 01:50
    The cutter does not turn when I turn on the machine. The fingers move ok. Everything else seems to work ok. But the unit will not cut trees. Any suggestions?
  • Russell bannister
    2016-08-07 01:48
    I wouldn't waste my time downloading this mod, or even the original by Rambow145. Neither seem to work right, and as far as I know, nobody has tried to fix the issue with it not cutting trees. Once someone has actually fixed this enormous issue, then I will gladly download the fully operational mod
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