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Liebherr Industrial excavator v0.9
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Liebherr Industrial excavator v0.9

Liebherr Industrial excavator Hub Kabiene
Here for you a Handing the company Liebherr,
With its'hebbaren Kabiene this excavator is perfeckt, for use in sawmills or
otherwise timber handling


  • Bordelais french
    2014-12-25 21:26
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    très beau prototype mai ne fonctions pas sur ma partie ... comme d'autres mods qui me font beuguer,sorry I do not speak English writing.google traduction ...
  • Uroxen
    2014-12-31 01:00
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    Hi! cool mod! But is the Gantry crane in the background functional and do you have plans to release it or is it available for download somewhere?
  • Sexy ninja
    2015-01-06 01:16
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    hey could you make a tracked cat excavator or a Volvo excavator and also a bull dozer thx
  • Guest
    2015-01-10 12:45
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    After talking to a few people with the "store purchase problem" it seems that the "courseplay" mod seems to be the problem, if you are running that mod it will not work with this machine for whatver reason.
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