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Liebherr L540 loaders v1.0
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Liebherr L540 loaders v1.0

liebherrL540 wheelLoader with back Links for Standred and Mod Wieghts
and 1500kg Capacity Bucket for all Standerd Fruits.

Spacial for BGA Silage work Lover
Log is absolutly clear

Images will tell you more details
Hope you will Enjoy.
Happy Christmas
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it is Mod Pack. you must unzip first.

GIANTS Software GmbH.
Converted by Sk-Jatala

  • Alan
    2014-12-19 18:23
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    ave you got the ramp mod to plz
  • Guest
    2014-12-19 18:47
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    cool deal like the weight in the back very nice. Is there a way to make it in a John Deere skin?
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