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Liebherr Multi Schaufel v1.4
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Liebherr Multi Schaufel v1.4

Now I have the orginal telescopic loader bucket fürn Liebherr telescopic loader built for you, new logo Liebherr inserted around the blades easier to distinguish.
Be loaded with 5000l (no weight required) wheat, barley, canola, corn, grass, straw, hay, silage, chopped, mixed feed, manure, Hackschnitzl, potatoes, beets, Fertilizer, lime, seed, clover, alfalfa and sunflower.
V1.4 with green wheat, oats, rye, millet, triticale, spelled, sand and all kinds of the straw.
Unfortunately, they partially showing the Plane of wheat at the grudge fruits. We have to wait a bit to represent the tarp right, but I'll stay tuned.
Actually, as the originals, with many fruits more.
Of course, Washable
Shop: 3200 €
€ / day: 0 €
But good blades and a lot of fun with the mod!

PS: In the log harmless warnings of non-installed fruit flavors on the map, not a game influence appear!


  • Guest
    2015-01-09 22:13
    acabo de ver el mezclador en el mismo mapa que estoy yo, no aparece con el puntero cuando lo compro.....
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