Farming simulator 2019 mods
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Ces une version beta
Il reste quelques petits défauts, mes se mods est fonctionnel et apporte un peut de  nouveautés sur votre jeu.

These beta versions
There are some small flaws, if my mods is functional and brings a bit of news about your game.

Script/ ajouts fonctions décente câbles/ajout gyrophares: TFSGROUP AND THE MODDING

  • Zorlac
    2016-01-31 20:04
    We plan to share the two versions.Given the proliferation of critical of thanks, the two versions will only be available on ours forum.................................Nous avions prévu de partager les versions 2.Vu la proliférations des critiques par rapport aux remerciements, les versions 2 seront uniquement disponibles sur notre forum.
  • @zorlac
    2016-02-01 01:59
    your shit don't work, because you can't get the password, even if you join your forum, BOYCOTT this loser, he is not the original modder.
  • Not worth it
    2016-02-01 02:09
    What a joke don't waste your time
  • Patriot and a republic
    2016-02-01 06:11
    Stop senseless fashion intercede with the password . You think of how to put fashion and password and you will take it under him paste the link into your forum where you can get to him like a password and in fact it is not. provides no security because your every mod Frenchman will be banned .
  • Zorlac
    2016-02-01 08:13
    Why are you the only one to say that the past is not foruni words. Of course if the pass is beautiful and well maots disponible.je not see if I earn not provide you with the pass word if was just a bad réputation.Votre comment is that of a idiot.Ces thanks to comments like that modes are protégés.Un thank you would have been much wiser.
  • Zorlac
    2016-02-01 08:18
  • @zorlac
    2016-02-01 11:17
    Then make a forum in English text, so people don't need to use google translate, then people might be able to get your password. Why would Zorlac want all this negatively if you are such a good modder, makes no sense to me. Just include the password with the mod and get on with your life. JUST A NOTE: all the good reviews on his mods come from Zorlacs friends, NOT from other normal game players. you are a loser Zorlac, please stop putting your shit on the mod sites. People dislike so much now.
  • Satansnightmare
    2016-02-01 13:58
    and again there is a password ZORLAC is a huge LOSERso boycot this userthe only likes are indeed from his friendsto bad MODHUB accepts this so called modder to use this site for his advertisment for his terrible forum
  • Poldy66
    2016-02-01 14:40
    Ladies and gentlemen, I dont understand why u going mad. U need to understand and respect the modders work.First of all i want say a big thank u to Zorlac of his work. But....: Im member of ure formus site. I have found a link of these cranes, i have found the download link of the forum to the cranes, but i only can download at uploaded. but uploaded dont work with my machine, i get error.
  • Poldy66
    2016-02-01 14:42
    Than after i found a link to a forum inside the forum. But for that forum i need a password. My pass word of the first forum do not work, so i think when i work for ure modding theam i become after 5 days inside the master pass word for the 2nd forum. which in turn adjoins my friend was, if you want to force someone to work for the does not want to get a password, which is unlawful.
  • Poldy66
    2016-02-01 14:43
    I was searching around ure forum, but never found any link to the pass word, nothing to find. i found older mods of u and ure college, mods of 2013 and 2015, trucks, cars machines, but never found a limk to the pass word of the cranes. Its shit.
  • Poldy66
    2016-02-01 14:45
    So agricultural enthusiasts, you have zorlacs work has not already gratefully acknowledge, however, and colleagues clearly and tell him his that what you are doing here, is not in order and also express my consent. Incidentally, if you get in touch in his forum, forfeit your pass word automatically after 5 days. So you have to do something to get to the 2nd password. Also, I've found out so hot the crane is, he has no real function, not to lift attacher something.
  • Poldy66
    2016-02-01 14:46
    a horny mod, even though he has no function, work great, but unfortunately still was, and annoying waste of time.
  • Poldy66
    2016-02-01 14:49
    oh i forgot to say, u can change the text inside of forum, and u can copy/paste to google translation. the forum is french, coz freck people, so it is up to them what language they use.
  • Boicot zorlac mods
    2016-02-01 15:26
  • Lukas
    2016-02-01 16:31
    czesc zorlac mam pytanie takie a mianowicie moglbys podac haslo do tych modow a nie rzucasz mody na strone a pozniej trzeba sie glowic jakie to haslo napisz po prostu jakie ma byc i tyle. dziekuje pozdrawiam
  • Bill
    2016-02-01 16:48
    Nobody seems to want to do a little work to get something anymore...just need it handed to them....getting the passwords wasnt hard...i dont speak anything other than english and i didnt have a problem with them...nice work btw Zorlac....
  • @bill
    2016-02-01 18:08
    I guess he can do whatever he likes, but I also think he likes all the negative responses he is getting tho, its a cool looking mod, but totally useless on a farming game, unless you are going to suspend a tractor or semi truck in the air, because what else would you do with it on a farm. Its a fantastic mod on Construction Simulator 15 game, I love it there.
  • I may not be enough meters measles Aale I know one thing they do not do the people in the horse and did not play baseball as you do it put something under his own name and in fact, someone else did a job ZORLAC 're finished and either begin to intercede fashion without passwords or they do not put kid
  • Bill
    2016-02-01 21:57
    i personally use it on FDR's logging maps to pick trees from down over the cliffs when i cut them...didnt take much to get a working attacher on the winch....
  • Oplichter
    2016-02-01 23:50
    I hope he comes out in his own shit you are a member of the forum and no password yet what a dirty bastard is a scammer
  • Pepito
    2016-02-02 20:56
    jajajajaja metase la grua y su foro por donde le quepa ya tenemos una grua mil veces mejor que su basura.
  • Derkje1958
    2016-02-08 23:07
    niet downloaden paswoord zit er niet in......domme Franse boeren
  • Derkje1958
    2016-02-08 23:15
    niet downloaden paswoord zit er niet in......
  • Derkje1958
    2016-02-08 23:16
    niet downloaden paswoord zit er niet in......3
  • Noname
    2016-02-13 02:08
    What is the password
  • Darkman
    2016-02-16 17:28
    pi need a password [email protected]
  • Mdorrian1
    2016-03-04 03:16
    hi all I'm quite new at this and I could not make a mod to safe my life. I have had a look at some of the that have been posted it all sound a bit negative. I think the mods that zorlac has done look cool and would like to try them out if you would kind enough send me or tellhow to get hold of the password. [email protected] you.
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