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Light addon v1.4.1
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Light addon v1.4.1


Version 1.4.1
Fix for beleuchtungV31.lua:754: bad argument #1 to 'getn' (table expected, got nil)

Light Addon
The Light Addon is a global Script.
The script extends the fs standard light functions, so the light and the beacon stays on after leaving the vehicle, also the turnlights are resetted after turning.

Additional there is the possibility to add day drive light and strobelights for mods. How this works you can see in the ReadMe.pdf.
Global, self installing script
1. Link is the Light Add on
2. Link is a modifi MAN Agrar as Sample Mod

Support bekommt Ihr nur auf http://vertexdezign.net/forum/

Script: Grisu118
Idea: Sven777b/Grisu118
Special thanks to Xentro for his help

lights stay on after leaving a vehicle
turning lights turn off automatically
day drive light

Release 22.03.15
Das Mod ( Paket ) darf auch auf anderen Seiten zum Download angeboten werden, aber nur unter Verwendung des Original Download link!
Das Mod ( Paket ) darf ohne Zustimmung des Modders zu finden bei vertexdezign.de nicht verändert und nicht neu hochgeladen werden!
The Mod ( package ) can be release on other Websites, but only use the original Download Link!
It´s not allowed to edit this Mod ( package ) and no reupload without the permission of the Modder. You can find the Modder at http://vertexdezign.net/

Script: Grisu118 Idea: Sven777b/Grisu118 Special thanks to Xentro for his help

  • Guest
    2016-03-13 03:12
    A for effort guys but now instead of the beleuchtung error i now get an overloader error for my brent. so i'm still on previous version
  • Mane
    2017-06-05 01:28
    cause to much problem with mod and the game
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