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Lindbejb Montag 1700 v1.0
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Lindbejb Montag 1700 v1.0

Lindbejb Monday, 1700
pull behind Planters, cultivator or whatever your little heart desires ... 16M working width.

Lindbejb (Lindbejb Modding)
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Lindbejb (Lindbejb Modding)

  • Ben32
    2015-06-22 16:24
    This real?
  • Curt
    2015-06-22 17:27
    I would like to have the map to play that you are using could you tell me thanks
  • Jaco
    2015-06-22 21:58
    If it is possible cab you pleas put the John deer planter with pleas!!
  • Rob t.
    2015-06-22 22:33
    Taught this guy everything he knows. Looking pretty good Joe. Please do not release my planter that is shown in the picture, I do not give you permission to do so. I cannot wait to see this on your facebook page.Thanks Your Mentor,Rob
  • Nameless
    2015-06-23 00:08
    this thing is worthless, it won't even go the width of the DB120 he has it on. and no seeder is set up to pull it anyway. he's just releasing shit (literally) just so he can say he releases stuff when people say he doesn't. someone needs to put a gun to his head. not only is he worthless to the gaming community but the way he acts he's a waste of air and an insult to the human race.
  • Bt


    2015-06-23 00:37
    kind of point less there is nothing to hook it to and if u find something it goes with it has to be 16m look great other wise
  • Magicman
    2015-06-23 03:05
    the community needs a planter this large!
  • Jake
    2015-06-24 03:00
    I am new to the Farming Simulator world; What is used to get the GPS lines in game?
  • Kas


    2015-06-24 17:35
    # jake,search for the gps mod . download the mod and read the description.
  • ?


    2015-06-25 07:26
    Robt. could u release the corn planter then please
  • Tony
    2015-07-27 22:28
    I love the map you showcased this mod on and I love the planter you showed as well but I would love to download the map you have.It looks like a lot of fun to play and if I can download it can you add some of your tractors as well.If not then that is ok to.Thanks Tony
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