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Lindbejb Oxbo 334 Merger v3
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Lindbejb Oxbo 334 Merger v3

- Wheel Particles
- Driving Particles
- Realistic Lights
- Alfalfa windrow particles
- Animated Hydraulics
- Flexible With terrain
- custom Lindbejb script for 334
- Best if used with multifruit mod Read: Roughly 20 mins Oxbo is my form parents house, before pursuing my bachelors in chemistry and Univeristy of Wisconsin and Onto my doctorate at Boston Univeristy, I shadowed engineers at Oxbo in Clear Lake Wisconsin thinking I was going to pursue engineering. Plans change and so does the windowing practice in farm sim. So, I worked hard, many hours, to Provide you with the 34 foot Oxbo merger. Only Merges to rightside and reference my videos if need guidance. Enjoy a little bit more American farming in your game - Joe SO I KNOW THIS WILL END UP EVERYWHERE SO JUST UPLOAD WITH PROPER CREDITS, SIMPLE REQUEST. OTHERWISE ENJOY Credits: Lindbejb (LBJ Modding)

Lindbejb (LBJ Modding)

  • Mike
    2016-05-17 07:59
    lol joe please teach me your ways.. seems you pissed this little non pubic haired child off to the point he posts on all your mods. btw as a fellow modder i rather enjoy your mods.
  • Name
    2016-06-06 03:09
    I downloaded this mod and put it into my mod folder went into the game and bought it. I looked at it and it is just white with no colour. can anyone help thanks
  • Name
    2016-07-31 05:53
    I agree with mike! don't listen to that illiterate piece of trash! I have downloaded a lot of your mods and I enjoy them very much! keep up the good work and hold your head high!
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