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Little rock, washington v1
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Little rock, washington v1

Welcome To Little Rock, Washington.
This Map Is A Rebuild Of The 2013 Map Called Central Kansas. I’ve Converted The Map To Run On FS15 With A New Style & A New Name. I’ve Changed The Entire Map. Added More Fields. Removed The Old Worthless Buildings & Added My Own. Removed Most Of The Trees & Any Other Object that Would Keep Tractors From Being Interrupted. BGA & Forestry Have Been Installed.Default Vehicles Are Changed To Much Better Ones. Added Multi-fruit And Soil management. On The Old version Map There Was No Animals. On This Version You Have Chickens, Cows, Sheep’s & Calves. Milk Man Automatically Runs. There Are More Sell Points Now Instead Of Just 1. Old Map Only Had 10 Fields, This Map Has 36. There Are A Lot Of Grassy Areas For Mowing & Feeding Your Livestock. The Needed Mods Are Included. It’s Recommended To Avoid Errors You Use My Mods As The Settings Have Been Changed. This Map Has Everything You Need Plus Some Extra Goodies.

I Have Also Included My SaveGame Profile For This Map.

SaveGame Has The Following Changes:
Player Starts With 10 Million Cash, You Have 50 Sheep, 50 Cows & 50 Chickens, 50 Calves. Most Of The Fields Have Been Created As 1 Field. Instead Of 36 Fields You Have 22. All Fields Are Planted With Random Seed And Are Ready To Be Harvested. Your Silage Is Ready To Be Used. Your Hay Bale Shed Is 50% Full.

I’d Like To Say Thank You To Thomas & Eagle355th For Their Awesome Mods Which Are Included In This Map.

Credits: Mrpapawolf, Giants editor, Eagle355th, Thomas

Mrpapawolf, Eagle55th, Thomas, Giants Editor

  • Yoyo
    2016-10-15 23:59
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    looks like a great map other than the PDA map is off
  • Guest
    2016-10-16 00:35
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    why is there pic of a fire truck with pics of the map?
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-10-16 11:03
    0 0
    person who uploaded the video nice video but thats not this farm.
  • 2.gast
    2016-10-16 11:05
    0 0
    map hat viele fehler und ist die leicht umgebaute Kansas map aus LS 11 oder 13
  • Rspradlin80
    2016-10-16 21:50
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    when i try to unzip the file to get everything its saying it is password protected
  • Okiejoe
    2016-10-16 23:58
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    The map picture is of Little Rock Arkansas, never heard of Little Rock Washington.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-10-17 02:18
    0 0
    there is no password. i think you downloaded the wrong thing
  • Reefer
    2017-05-08 03:14
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    love the mods not to crazy about the map but mods are worth it in my opinion
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