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Live Map 3 v3.0
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Live Map 3 v3.0

Here I have for you my Live Map for Landwirtschafts Simulator 2015th
This mod allows you to see on your website who is where and where individual machines are moved.

Requirements for Live Map:
You need there to a Dedicated Server
and a web space with FTP access.

If you meet the two conditions can almost nothing can go wrong.

To the mod I now know so not what you should say large,
but I will describe briefly the function times more precisely:
The map allows you to see how ready mentioned above on a website who is where.
To the one can also see all vehicles.
What you can not see which field is ordered with what.
Now, the map provides a 5x zoom function
and a filter that can filter between the following options:
- Show only tractors
- Show only Drescher
- Show only Trailers
- Show only attachments
- Show only player

And there is an activatable RELOAD function,
This automatically loads the map every 20 seconds again.

To which it is possible to replace the map.
Say if you are not the standard map used
so you have to replace the map image,
or the car you use download function.
This loads the image automatically by Dedicated Server.

If you have problems or questions,
I have a readme settled there explains how to configure the map.
Furthermore, I stand there my e-mail address included,
if there are any questions then provides this via e-mail.

Then I would like to say:
The removal of the copyright is prohibited!

Well written enough.
I wish you much fun with the script.

PS: If you have any suggestions I receive this receive it via e-mail contrary.

Yours sincerely

Webanwendung: Alex2009 - www.Alex2009.de
Kartenmaterial: GIANTS Software

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