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Livella Migliavacca v4.5 final
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Livella Migliavacca v4.5 final

Livella Migliavacca da 4.5 by Fabian Modding in sconto per voi ;)

Fabian Modding

  • Migliavacca
    2016-04-12 21:30
    you mast remove te migliavacca mods because is a mod for donors . :(
  • Migliavacca
    2016-04-12 21:40
    you mast remove te migliavacca mods because is a mod for donors .
  • Migliavacca
    2016-04-12 21:45
    you mast remove te migliavacca mods because is a mod for donors dio can
  • Teofarmer91
    2016-04-12 21:46
    you mast remove te migliavacca
  • Matteo 89
    2016-04-12 21:49
    you mast remove te migliavacca^^^^^
  • Piavotto
    2016-04-12 22:02
    Ma rimuovi quella miglia-vacca de to mare!
  • Davidfarm
    2016-04-12 22:10
    This mod should not be on this site should definitely raised from the site thanks (and 'was stolen)
  • Lucap001
    2016-04-12 22:14
    you mast remove te migliavacca mods because is a mod for donors
  • Alexfarmer
    2016-04-13 11:48
    I ask on behalf of the community of farming simulator Italy this mod will be removed from this site since the mod is only for donors Fabian Modding.Respect is the basis of everything and who published this mod obviously has no respect for anyone.
  • Alexfarmer
    2016-04-13 11:49
    Chiedo a nome della comunità di farming simulator italia che questa mod venga rimossa da questo sito in quanto la mod è solo per donatori di Fabian Modding.Il rispetto è la base di ogni cosa e chi ha pubblicato questa mod evidentemente non ha rispetto per nessuno.
  • Titaneman
    2016-04-13 13:04
    Thanks for the mod ;-)
  • Agriest
    2016-04-13 13:27
    titaneman tu sei un coglione! inutile scrivere in inglese quando si è Italiani... mona!
  • Paolo83
    2016-04-13 13:41
    remove this mod ... it has been stolen !!
  • Landscape solutions
    2016-04-13 22:18
    Solo voi italiani fate tanto casino per una mod.Relax.
  • Jim


    2016-04-14 00:54
    This is a donor mod??? Well hold on here..................................................AWWWWW OHHHHH.........................................................There. Just jizzed all over my keyboard for the mod.
  • Foodforthought
    2016-04-14 01:23
    Well, seeing as the terms and conditions set forth by Giants Software clearly states that you shall NOT obtain money for mods, does that mean the members of FS-Italy should be brought up on criminal charges, and the mod removed from sites? If yes, awesome, we don't need money grubbing two bit con-men in this community anyway, if no, great, shut the hell up and act your age!
  • Agriest
    2016-04-14 10:33
    We did not hack for money is an offer that is made to the modder to recognize his work! What I think is also right since it is not a job but rather a passion for others, and you'd better be quiet dear FOODFORTHOUGHT because if there were no modder you would play with the default mod then leads RESPECT FOR Modder
  • Titaneman
    2016-04-14 13:12
    Thanks again for the FREE mod ;-)
  • Agriest
    2016-04-15 01:01
    titaneman te lo dico par veneto dato che forse te lo parli, TE SI UN MONA...
  • Titaneman
    2016-04-15 01:14
    Je comprend absolument aucun de tes mots (et je veux pas comprendre d'ailleur) mais j'aime bien ce que les gens peuvent supposer en arrière de leur écran lollll. Je t'aime bien en j'aime bien comment tu rage simplement pour un ptit mod. @+ ps: Merci pour ton mod GRATUIT ;-)
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