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LKT 81 Turbo BETA
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LKT 81 Turbo BETA

New wheels.
Modell, ingame: Surci Modding

Surci Modding

  • Jason
    2015-05-10 10:57
    ok seems like a good mod.... but how do u hook up a tree? i'm a logger turned trucker turned farmer from the u s I would really like to see someone get this winch issue worked out throw some chokers on there and lets do some logging
  • Warondar
    2015-05-10 17:32
    Hey there Jason. The closest real line-skidders I've seen were in FS2013, but even then the cables looked more like a solid steel rod extended to the log where you then hooked up the choker. I haven't seen any line skidders in FS15 yet either, but would sure like to. I would imagine creating something new like the skidder cables and chockers in the game to be a huge job, and to make it move like a real one even more so, if at all possible.
  • Breizh29
    2015-05-11 11:29
    รงร  c'est vrai warondar a part des debusqueuses a pince rien avec des cables comme le fendt 209 forestier du fs2013 j'aimerai voir plus des tracteurs forestiers mais des vrais
  • Bigbear
    2015-05-12 01:49
    hey Jason I saw one in fs 2013 that was just a winch that could be mounted on either end of a tractor something like that would work but like you I spent lot of my life in the woods logging and I have a lot of good ideas to make this just as much about processing timber as it does crops I would like to see something like what I have just a small 600 series john deer skidder with a single winch with a spliter and two sets of chokers on it
  • Bigbear
    2015-05-12 01:53
    also if giants pays any attention to customer feedback I say we will see a working model of who knows what brand but a working one in a future dlc maybe even a sawmill also but it would be hard to top maru on his cutting edging all at once :}
  • Wood
    2016-04-12 15:43
    I think that maybe the tow chain script would be a place to start with this. maybe add the script to the skidder cables
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