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LoadTrail landscape Trailer v1.0
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LoadTrail landscape Trailer v1.0

Landscape trailer for the ladies
Author: hanamog


  • Offspring gaming
    2015-09-13 04:11
    http://lsmod2015.com/loadtrail-landscape-trailer-v1-0/ Please take this mod down this mod was created by me and my team I have a YouTube channel named Offspring Gaming with 35,000 subscribers we have proof this mod is ours. Check my landscape video were we released our mod. We would appreciate if you would take this mod down it was uploaded without our permissions and I have copyrights for the content in my video.
  • Offspring fans
    2015-09-13 05:24
    take this down right now offsprings team made this trailer not u
  • Tyrese offspring fan
    2015-09-13 06:17
    Take this down right now thats rude that you dont credit a top modding team.
  • Cow moblin'
    2015-09-13 19:30
    Mr. Offspring don't get butt hurt over a little trailer after all not a single modder owns their mod and Giants states this, why u think my mods I take pics of and share are only edits
  • Cow moblin'
    2015-09-13 19:33
    also word of advise from a website advertiser, if u don't want this to happen again, don't point him to your youtube channel
  • Not ur mod
    2015-09-14 14:54
    Caught in a lIe offsprg gaming, this came from fs2k's site not yours. Whose lying, You or FS2k, they are the ones uploading and claiming this is theirs not yours. It's about time your 35,000 fans learn the truth about you,
  • Not ur mod2
    2015-09-14 15:09
    how about that F350 you "claimed" was done by two of your modders and they couldn't even remove the credits from the files, We all know where the F350 came from Big country and AEM, WE have 74,000 fans, want a war? 74,000 fans can quickly take down your channel bud, give credits were credits are due and stop stealing other mods putting your OG logo on them and "claiming" them as your own!
  • Not ur mod3
    2015-09-14 15:13
    Copyright? Oh buddy, you just got major busted! NO ONE owns any content of Giants, read that License agreement circulating on using the Editor. Even pics are Giants, You own nothing of this game. Not even a vid of someone elses game can be claimed as your2, you didn't make this game!
  • Not ur mod4
    2015-09-14 15:16
    Funny, I found this trailer in FS9 or FS11? maybe time to go find the original?
  • Bull
    2015-09-16 17:33
    thats bull crap thats his mod i watch all his videos
  • Bull
    2015-09-16 17:34
    you made it look horrible
  • Xanders
    2015-10-15 19:28
    i love the offspring gaming I love mods tell brown modding I love his mods to
  • You people are pathetic
    2015-11-29 00:02
    Stop fighting over a game, what's wrong with you people. Also, Read the Giants User Agreement... It says that even if you make a mod you DON'T OWN IT.
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