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Logistics center v2.2 placeable
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Logistics center v2.2 placeable

New at V 2.2
The error of the textures is fixed!

Required Mod to open the doors from 2.1:

Required Mod to open the doors 2.0:
Animation Map trigger Vertex

Now also with animated gates that can be opened:
14 loading bays for loading trucks
Various entrances and exits
Workshop / Garage
Driveway for forklift / telescopic handlers on the back
The yellow roller doors inside the hall open and close automatically
(The Collision of the rolldoors has been removed)

Other differences to version 1.0:
The new warehouse is smaller by one-third, because the old one was to big for most maps.
The hall is now also interior expanded
Shelves and floor markings in the hall for the orderly storage of pallets were inserted

The warehouse can be used to store several hundred pallet, but it is also possible to store vehicles therein. (see photos attached)

V 2.0 built only with the Giants Editor.
V 2.1 and higher are placeable in game.
The loading bays at the gates can be changed in Giants Editor to the desired height. (Find them in the Transform Group: Laderampe Set 1 - 3)
Then you change the x-rotation of the loading ramps (between 0 - 10 degrees)
Currently they are set to 4 degrees for the mods that I use.

I use the following mods (also in the pictures):
Forklifts and pallets of

Semitrailer: FTmodding_Fruehauf of
Thanks for this

logistics center by Slowtide63

  • Jules
    2016-02-08 17:56
    Trop de manutention pour ce mod,un mod de d├ęchargement automatique serait mieux.
  • Zorlac
    2016-02-08 18:02
    Jules...TON CERVEAU EST RESTER EN MODE AUTOMATIQUE...Oui tr├Ęs juste...QUE TOUS SE FACE EN AUTOMATIQUE SUR LE JEU...pour que se jeu devienneune grosse merde ! Regarde dans un dictionnaire, se que veut dire SIMULATION...
  • Jules
    2016-02-08 18:20
    ZORLAC avec ta trombine de macaque vas voir ailleurs ,et laisse nous pour juger si un mod nous plais ou pas !
  • Waterboy
    2016-02-08 20:01
    Why should you have a (Logisticscenter_placeable folder) inside the zip folder? A mod.zip folder should only the files? A mod file should not have to messed with.
  • Zorlac
    2016-02-09 03:52
    jules... se n'est pas par se que le mod ne te plais pas , qu'il faut dire des conneries !
  • Dj6310
    2016-02-29 13:06
    salut dit moi peux tu aussi faire des personnages placable comme police gendarmerie pompiers ?
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