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Lonestar v1.0
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Lonestar v1.0

I Take No Credit For This Mod All I Did Was Tone Down The Bling...Enjoy


  • Guest
    2016-06-11 14:32
    Woops, looks like another free mod that some think it's ok to charge access to, imagine that, let the butt hurt begin...LOL
  • Lol


    2016-06-11 14:55
    I do know someone who is actually taking all these shitty mods that these people are charging access to and fixing all the issues with them and will be sharing them with free access, hey now that's an idea how bout someone creating a group and call it supportive free members, has a nice ring to it...LOL
  • Not sure
    2016-06-11 16:49
    Not sure why anyone would pay these guys for access to mods that are full of issues, guess there are a few folks out there that aren't the brightest candles in the box, also their site is garbage never seen such a useless site I mean really, they can count this guy out and I'm sure there are people that feel the same way.....
  • Lol


    2016-06-11 16:50
    I am an ass munch and I will never figure it out.
  • Notsure
    2016-06-11 17:51
    Notsure the reason we pay for access is simple we are the ones buying the mods and we also get to vote on those mods and you and the other ass munches here are not just stealing from Technic mods you are stealing from those of us who paid for those models. Barrett did that so we had a choice in what mods are made and we help with buying them. but guess you are too thick to figure that out. enjoy it you cheap bastards atleast its not the finished product your passing around.
  • Notsure
    2016-06-11 17:59
    and just like barrett just told me the 300 dollars he just had to pay a lawyer just cost buying a few mods so thank you guys that is 300 bucks you just stole from mod buying and development.
  • Notsure
    2016-06-11 18:00
    I mean finally a modder who is modding for the community mods we ask them to make and you all screw it up.
  • Notsure
    2016-06-11 18:02
    Enjoy the unfinished products because unfinished they are as cheap as you all are.
  • Lol


    2016-06-11 18:12
    LOL...now saying he got a lawyer is about as lame as people giving you guys money for mods, even if he did do this he'd be wasting his pathetic time because you can't steal anything that is put in fs using Giants and just for you info I already checked with an attorney concerning this matter and he laughed at me just like an attorney would him...LOL
  • Jim


    2016-06-11 19:30
    Excellent job on this man. Lot better then that fancy chrome shine shit all over it. Now its a actual working semi. Thanks
  • So true
    2016-06-11 19:33
    Now this is something I never really thought about they for sure must have a lot of youngsters that haven't been at this game long cause no one in their right mind would give anyone coin for mods except Giants...just saying
  • Yes


    2016-06-11 19:44
    For sure this is a way better looking mod and the best part is it's free for anyone to download the way it should be, hats off to the uploader way to go....
  • Not surprised
    2016-06-11 20:24
    Hmm, not really surprised that more of this group's so called supporting members didn't come to their rescue, just goes to show how much this so called group actually supports them, I probably would back them either being what it is they are being called out on, this could get pretty interesting....
  • Thank you Fust modding for sneaking into these groups and then uploading them here, you are a class act!
  • I see
    2016-06-12 22:09
    I see these guys have recently updated this on their site, not many folks downloading it either, can see why when you can get it pretty much anywhere on the web for free, looks like it's kinda costing these guys some funds....
  • Giving up so soon
    2016-06-14 14:52
    Hmm looks like what people were saying must have some truth to it when it comes to who owns what, well I can tell you this if you think it's over it's not cause I'm sure their not finished with you yet, charging for mod access what a joke...lol
  • Tryrdon
    2016-09-17 22:34
    Link is broken.
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