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Low Loader with AR funktion v1.1
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Low Loader with AR funktion v1.1

Dear LSler
Today I present my version of Tongyada CTY6005 low loader.
Those who know the problem is not even one drives his tool with a low loader to the site goes back to pick and back to work for back yard to a trailer.
Now here comes the solution
The Tongyada CTY6005 trailer.
The features:
Ballenattacher O button to attach
Open ramp button X
Support feet and extend key V
Tractors or implements secure key O

trailerattacher and trailerLowattacher
and TWO garages for the 5:40 m swap to just drive and attach it with the loader under the bridges, while you need not open the ramps, it should only be taken to ensure that the attacher key O is open otherwise could attach problems occur when.
Release from uhrmodder Ferrat is present
It is forbidden to change the flatbed or re-upload
and for all the nagging that it is not real is a low-loader with wechselbrücke or Trailerattacher to do, then you have to not load any other I wish you much fun with the low loader


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