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LowLoader Pack v1.0
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LowLoader Pack v1.0

Here the LOWLOADER Pack LS15 ... WITHOUT real model!
! ... 1x unpacking ... !!!
Content: 1x Trailers, Trailer 1x short, 1x long trailer

Who does not like, simply NOT upload!
* NOT washable
* FAST attacher keeps everything tight to what it is!
(Securing the load button B)
* Trailers and Trailer with short coupling (low / normal)
* Animated
* All-wheel steering (only with long trailer)
* Loading going "backwards" best ... (as usual when low loaders LS)
* Log: clean

Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife
It is prohibited to upload this mod again, not even in modified form!


  • Guest
    2015-02-01 22:46
    great trailers but not wide enough for the big combines or tractors like the New Holland T9 and the Case IH Axial-FLow 9230
  • Danke
    2015-02-01 22:55
    scheiƟ uploaded .. hier wenigstens als free download :)))
  • Guest
    2015-02-02 19:01
    Another trailer release that has no landing gear? Ya.. didnt even bother to hitch it up to a truck and test it.. if you cannot finish a mod then dont release it and wast peoples time.
  • Agreed ^^^^^^^^^
    2015-02-03 14:43
    Why no landing gear?
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