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LS 15 Oltimer Pack v1.0
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LS 15 Oltimer Pack v1.0

Classic agriculture Ls 15
This pack contains the following mods:

Tractors:          Güldner G75, Güldner G40 wheel with front loader, Güldner G40,Bührer RP21, Lindner BF450, Deutz D80,
Hürlimann D110, HATZ H340, Bucher D4000, Kramer KL200
Harvester:        Driving M66, New Holland Clayson M135 MT
Equipment:      Amazone ZA (Fertiliser spreader), Bayern plow (Cultivator), Fahr KH 4S, Pöttinger 300 (Swathers),
                      driving MH 650 (1 Heron chippers), Kuhn FA367 (mower), Hassia FS (sowing machine), Krone Optimat ,
Lemken D27_55K (plow), Lemken D29_65K (plow)

Trailer:            Lizzard Grain Trailers, Wooden Liquid manure spreader, Old water tank, Krone Emsland Trailer

Front loader tools

Self-propelled loading wagons:     Bucher TRL 2600


  • Deepblue
    2015-10-31 13:33
    LS 15 OLTIMER PACK V 1.0This is a PRIVATMOD by our Board!Delete quickly...or set our Original-Link...Your Method is illegal..Link to my Board:http://forbidden-mods.phpbb8.de/post32082.html#p32082Greets,deepblueAdmin Forbidden Mods
  • Mrxxx
    2015-10-31 13:59
    This is a converted Mod by GIANTS. Your rights to it are zero.
  • Deepblue
    2015-10-31 14:25
    Copyright by Forbidden Mods...DELETE!Also NOT RIGHT LINKS!!!Abuse.You mean you can do what you will....not with me my friend.... ;-)I have your mail-adress ... :-)
  • Mrxxx
    2015-10-31 14:42
    Copyright by GIANTS
  • Deepblue
    2015-10-31 14:56
    Not right...Clayson ist copyright by Forbidden Mods...This is a Mod in this Contend.So DELETE our Contend....Also you have not Permission to re-upload...Copyright ist by: http://uploaded.net/f/cmdhrfThis isour original Link...Set it and all is ok...
  • Goblow
    2015-10-31 19:11
    hey deep blue, giants made the engine, giants made the editor, giants made the game, giants made the models we modify, giants has stated WE own jack squat for rights to these mods unless they are original NOT having ANYTHING to do with giants. so no this wont be deleted and your obvious ignorance of how this all works is hilarious. go tell giants that you made something using all of the tools and models giants created and how it belongs to you now see how far you get with that ...rotflmfa
  • Goblow
    2015-10-31 19:15
    also this mod pack was and is still on the giants web site under the 2013 mods section, how on earth do you think you own these mods is beyond me, you cant convert something from one version to another and suddenly you own it. you are actually claiming you own the rights that means you bought these from giants and giants gave up all rights to you in a legal document correct? whats that you dont know what a legal document is or what rights of ownership mean? yeha no shit you dont.
  • Deepblue
    2015-10-31 19:27
    All ok...Abuse Mail to all Providers...We can make this every Day a Week.. :-)Have fun ^^
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