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LS11 Map v1.0
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LS11 Map v1.0

Hello dear virtual farmers Here you presented Deere 8530 the original LS 11 Maps. You mean it does not belong to it? False belongs in any case belongs to them! What do you expect? -Biomassekraftwerk With sawmill -Getreidemühle -Mischfutteranlage biogas plant -Port tree trunk sale -Nordzucker (potatoes and beets sale) -Brauerrei You have 3 wooded areas but also waiting for afforestation have 2 forests where their lumber könnt.Es only the original fruit varieties (by ls15 ). A special thanks goes out to all modders and scripters without which it would not at all possible to create maps !!!!!!! Support to the map there are open only to cheer Mod Temple Very important !!!! If I have forgotten anyone in the Creditz please immediately report is then immediately added later !!!!!!

Giants (Karte Gebäude)
Deere 8530 Erbauer

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    2015-02-23 03:48
    Can someone please translate what this person is trying to say in the description?
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