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LsHungary Multimap v0.9.6
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LsHungary Multimap v0.9.6

ATTENTION! Looking at the map of beta status may contain errors that will be corrected in a future releases.
We tried making suitable for single and multi-player career mode is to create a gathering of modern and older machines are also gaining ground for themselves.
We hope to succeed in our vision, we wish a Merry Christmas and a good game!
The feedback are welcome!
The downloaded file pack your bags out!
The map preparing helped.: Mitsu

The following mods were integrated:
Kalk Mode (fertilizer)
Gülle & Mist Mod --->TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan)<---
MultiSprayer Herbizid Mod --->upsideDown<---
Automatic milk transport (trailer included)
ChoppedStraw Mod --->webalizer<---
Beef and Pig mode

Do not reupload the file to another downloader page!
Please keep original download link!
Thank you, and good game everyone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes to the team LsHungary!


  • Will done
    2015-12-28 19:59
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    superb map fantastic
  • Holyfarmer
    2016-02-24 23:00
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    I love the map but notice a few fields will not fully mature. Any ideas???
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