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LSL Leitplankenset v1.2
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LSL Leitplankenset v1.2

what is gray and can not swim? :) ... A guard rail ...;) under the slogan would like the LS-Land technique to introduce the guidelines range you now. is this is a sometimes 14-piece assortment of leitplanke ponents of the model series "ESP", the assembled "B profile" and 2- or 4m pole distance what eg on country roads in use is ... include up now: - 2m leitplanke component with a post -> post distance 2m - 4m leitplanke component with a post -> post spacing 4m - 12m leitplanke component with three pillars -> post spacing 4m - 24m leitplanke component-post with six -> post spacing 4m - 48m leitplanke component with 12 post -> post spacing 4m ... various tails for the right and left, for example: - diagonally-outlet end of the model series E115 - 90 ° angled outlet end of the model series E115 (eg road junctions or dirt road inputs) - rolled tail of the model series E118 - 90 ° angled tail of baureiehe E118 and ... a single post if it burns again: smt005

Should you have any questions, please turn yourselves to us, www.LS-Landtechnik.com as we will be happy to help you. Please understand that we make no support via PM.
The mod can be offered on other sites to download, but only using the original download links! The mod may not be changed without the consent of the original modders or re-uploaded!
This mod 'may be Offered for download on other sites, but only by using the original download links. The mod May not be altered or re-uploaded without the consent of the original modders.

Did the mod for Patrick-90
the LS15 brought a lot of fun

Das LS-Landtechnik Team!

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