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LWRCrewFarm v1.3
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LWRCrewFarm v1.3

A Converted Westbrigde Hill Map...That Was Converted to English By LiveWithRusty.  Just Would Like To Say Thanks To The #LWRCrew Meezman1982, MP7REEPER, ZachOneX1,Spuddweis3r And Special_Pat_Gaming Plz Go Check The Crew out On Twitch.

#LWRCrew Meezman1982, MP7REEPER, ZachOneX1,Spuddweis3r, Tomcat60 And Special_Pat_Gaming Plz

  • Dam good map
    2016-10-10 08:13
    very awesome map but its glitch on farm where u dump straw at storage
  • Livewithrusty
    2016-10-10 21:04
    Im working on that tonight
  • @livewithrusty
    2016-10-10 21:46
    LIVEWITHRUSTY this is a very good map all maps have a bug or two thats just part of building.i see a lag on farm like the first comment says thats ok but fixable..on another note is any way to make the shed doors stay open at all times instead of them open and close a million times a day
  • Wth


    2016-10-12 11:04
    whats up with the lag in map and i can not double the grass on map like u can with other maps
  • Lwrcrew
    2016-10-13 07:53
    working on all of that come watch it live twitch.tv/livewithrusty most night im live but i hope to have it all fixed this weekend
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