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Lysa Polana Reactivation V1
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Lysa Polana Reactivation V1

Today we are pleased to present you a new but already known to you the map for LS13.
Here is the new edition of Lysa Polana to LS15, map made from scratch on the model Lysa PolanyV2 to LS13.
Lysa Polana Reactivation is a map in a unique style, two fully playable farms, modern designed primarily for the production of milk and small in the style of a typical Polish farm.
We focused on the full functionality of maps: cows, sheep, chickens and selling of agricultural products, sawmill on the picturesque lake, biogas will enable the full potential maps.

- Cows, sheep, chickens
- The sale of eggs
- The sale of wool
- GuleMistMod added to the map
- Lime tuck shovel (sellers)
- Garden center
- Bio-power
- forests
- Purchase of a sawmill and wood
- Signs "?"
- Sellers field
- Cars parked in various places on the map
- Difficult commute to fields
- Interesting terrain and many more ....

Thanks for the help with the map for other members of the SToP Team
Special thanks to LEWI for additional map tests, and Seba j for technical consultations!


  • Sheathanaich
    2014-12-19 13:23
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    Oh wow, what a really nice map.....Very realistic with tight terrain varied fields. The yard layout is spot on......Well done the Stop TeamGreat effort, seriously a superior map with great natural assets.5* Kudos
  • Guest
    2014-12-19 16:56
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    SHEATHANAICH Thank you, thank you very much. I did this map one month and I had with this map a lot of technical problems, but I did it everything to remove all errors.SToP TEAM
  • Guest
    2014-12-23 02:22
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    AKTUALIZACJA DO MAPY LysaPolana_Reactivation do LS15Poprawiono błędnie wyświetlające się ikony pomocy w PDA gry!!!UPDATE TO MAP LysaPolana_Reactivation to LS15Fixed incorrectly display a help icon in the PDA!!!DOWNLOAD: https://www.facebook.com/download/332956140235311/LysaPolana_Reactivation_SampleModMap.rar
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