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Mack trucks pack v1.0
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Mack trucks pack v1.0

Here I bring you a pack of mack trucks which contains the following models:
Mack B61
Power: 320 HP
Mack B61 A
power: 263 HP
Mack RW 713 SuperLiner
Power: 440 HP
Mack R600
Power: 435 HP
Mack Pinnacle
Power: 435 HP
Mack Pinnacle DUO
Power: 540 HP
Mack Granite TM
Power: 540 HP
Mack 803 Vision
Power: 540 HP

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  • Billybob
    2017-11-12 11:20
    Are these for FS17? The background picture looks like these are for FS15.
  • Koalat
    2017-11-26 02:31
    @BILLYBOB that is clearly FS15. Look closer at this mod's background compared to other FS15 mod backgrounds. The textures are identical. FS17 is sharper and more HD/HQ than FS15.
  • Landon wanca
    2017-12-09 19:38
    i will convert them
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