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MAC TraconsPJ V2
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MAC TraconsPJ V2

I bring the trailer MAC American Original LS13 of pickaxe9 and actulizado for Farming Simulator 2015 V2 vercion can be transported in elwheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarbeet dryGrass_windrow manure silage forage grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow cement concrete gravel sand sunflower fertilizer a capacity of 150,000 liters and all lights to full function.


  • Guest
    2015-03-31 21:27
    hey want to trade one of you excavators contact me on fs-uk.com evil monkey
  • Guest
    2015-03-31 21:37
    Hey lets rehash the Mac trailer for the 50th time in the last 3 months..
  • Guest
    2015-03-31 22:06
    since I upgrade to FS 15 This is the third update to be done by me and if obseva this with new image
  • Warondar
    2015-04-01 22:51
    "Hey lets rehash the Mac trailer for the 50th time in the last 3 months.."Ya, cause having all these mods made and uploaded for us is so evil. How dare they make their own version of a mod.Come on, who cares if it's the 50th variant made on the same trailer? Don't like it or want it? Then don't get it. Someone else might not have seen any of the other 49 mod versions.
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