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MAN 18 660 Taurus Edition v1.0
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MAN 18 660 Taurus Edition v1.0

Idea / concept / realization / anniversary / thank you:
As a thank you for the encouragement of the Taurus and the mountain goat, we have been thinking about how you can thank the community. As it was for me a light. Because so far I have always a "decent" (evil) in my tractor fleet missing where the "total package" is coherent.

660 hp "Taurus engine" of the 2nd Generation (Series Typical Motorengeäusche)
Weight optimization
better "more real" weight distribution (without trailer, because the weight on the rear axle missing difficult handling)
9.8 to total weight (600ltr tank capacity as a variable to Geamtgewicht)
VmaxFW 88km / h
VmaxBW 30km / h
taut chassis
improved brakes
Daytime Running Lights (it's a game and it's RED!)
Adaptive Headlights
Adaptive Highbeam
3rd brake light
2x flashing lights
Warning flasher
Foghorn (Taurus / mountain goat)
matteres Design
Clear view (slices)
Airbrush (3rd brake light integrated into it)

and much more.
Have Fun,

Shoebeck and T0xic0m
of the "Shoebecks prototype forging"
PS: Here again many greetings to "carvone" - I hope the description says you now more ... gnihihi
PPS: Ideas and suggestions are erwünscht- BUT the "Taurus Edition" is a gift from us to you and is just a gimmick and is therefore not as high as the mountain goat, or the Taurus.
Shares we issue upon request!

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Here you will find all information about changes, improvements, etc.


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