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MAN F2000 19-603 v1.0
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MAN F2000 19-603 v1.0

May I introduce my new MOD you here. A MAN F2000 19-603, 4x2 (4x4 with Drive Control). The truck has color choice, functioning mirror, dashboard lights in the interior and subtle exterior lighting. Except trailers it is also possible with the MAN, to draw Full trailers and accommodate the 3.7m caddy (http://www.modhoster.de/mods/brantner-3-seitenkipper-ar#description).
Vmax = 98 km / h
Power: 600 PS
Purchase price: € 120.000, -
Rent: € 400, -
LOG is clean. Wishes a lot of fun with the MAN!

Best regards
It is prohibited to load this MOD to third pages back up !!!


  • Kevin
    2016-08-31 22:46
    does not work
  • Michel
    2016-08-31 22:51
    le camion est très bien et beau. le mot de passe c'est quoi. merci d'avance
  • Madncan52
    2016-09-01 03:35
    mod not loadingLogtxt:modesc.xml.....missing descversion attribute in mod Man_F2000_19_603all files are password protected, so cannot go into file to see about fixing.
  • Frits
    2016-09-01 10:49
    Spiel sieht die Datei nicht MAN_F2000_19_603.zipso kann er nicht aufgeladengame sees the file not MAN_F2000_19_603.zipso can not charge it
  • Derkje
    2016-09-01 11:38
    waarom paswoord , is toch voor iedereen open.......zal wel weer een slechte kneus zij die niet weet hoe het werkt.....
  • Frits
    2016-09-01 21:19
    Now it works fine Very nice fine Mod 1.1Jetzt funktioniert es gut Sehr schön fein Mod 1.1
  • Kevin
    2016-09-02 00:28
    how did you fix it
  • Kevin
    2016-09-02 00:33
    how did you fix it can not open it
  • Frits
    2016-09-02 12:11
    MAN_F2000_19_603v1.1.zipthe old was MAN_F200_19_603v1.0.zipyou can download it at modhoster.com
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