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Hi Guys,
Today I place the new HKL / WLF package to download.

There are in the package contain:
MAN TGS 18.440 civil
MAN TGS 18.440 firefighters
Abrollbehälter Rüst / Dangerous
Abrollplattform Crane
Palette with oil
Palette with Adblue

The MAN Owning DBS 975 in the Small version on the roof. On the Civilian in Orange and the fire brigade version in blue. Also, both have a working hitch at the rear. Furthermore, they have installed front flashers. Inside is displayed when the turn signal is activated when the oil is missing or Adblue must be refueled. Since Drive Control is Installed in this mod you can unlock even the wheel and switch on the differential lock. How to please look at the Drive Control adjusts to Modhoster. The Beige Blank Drive Control Config is my way I have it set. Your love can this use. The Config need in the folder where the Log.txt is.
In the Abrollbehälter Rüst / dangerous goods are exclusively a pure fire service object without function you can open the equipment rooms and close there.
When Abrollplattform with crane is a platform that can be loaded. With pallets or vehicles, the crane works only if you have the platform appended then you have the crane ABOARD. There will be an update where I will make things for the crane for growing to download.
The pallet is pallets that are needed for the mod because this mod has built an oil change and Adblue script.
As always, one needs the LIGHT_ADDON
Also you need the Drive Control

Creative Commons License
MAN HKL PACK of Fire Technology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License .
About this License Permissions beyond the scope can under www.fire-technology.de obtained.


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