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MAN ITRunner Pack 1.6.3
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MAN ITRunner Pack 1.6.3

- adjusted the indoor hud to show the correct speed.
- tweaked the texture on "trailer attacher".

This mod include two trucks to use with the ItRunner DLC (Required).

- I used the original mods and added the Giants ITRunner system instead of HKL, in addition I tweaked some things and fixed many bugs. The mod consist of two trucks, one that is standard (472 hp) and one “heavy-duty” (647 hp).

- They are washable.
- You can pick a color.
- They require ITrunner DLC to work.
- They work in multiplayer.
- The horsepower in the store page is based on the ingame console command (gsVehicleToggleDebugRendering).
- You can add “oversize” signs by clicking the “J” key.

- removed script error.
1.2 (15.12.2015)
- The Heavy-duty truck breaks faster.
- They both have reduced max rpm.
- Heavy-duty have more torque.
- Heavy-duty truck as tire tracks that matches the wheels.
- Default color of heavy duty is now black.
- They both now have a max speed of 62 kmh.
- The collision box of the heavy-duty is now correct.
- 3rd person view on standard truck is fixed.
- The gap between the container and the trucks are closed.
- Removed an inputBinding that was not in use.
1.5 (08.01.2016)
- Added the official (Giants) ITRunner system. It now works more like the Itrunner trailer (using the "x" key etc).
- fixed some lights being misplaced on truck 1.
- Indoor hud is now working (rpm, speed, fuel etc).
- Added missing texture on truck 1.
- Some minor changes to the models.
- added toggleable oversize warning signs
- fixed some issues with the wheels.
- fixed more issues with the wheels.

Thanks to hellhawk005 for helping me to implement the Giant ITrunner system.
Thanks to Saty for the the “universalToggleParts” script.
Truck 1:
- Giants – model and Itrunner
- Kyosho’s Modfactory
- Bullgore and Dave - http://lsmod2015.com/man-tgs-agricultural-hkl-v-2-0/
- Erik1988 - ported to work with ITRunner, fixed bugs and many other things.

- Giants – model and Itrunner
- Kyosho’s Modfactory (http://www.modhoster.com/mods/man-tgs-hkl-set)
- Erik1988 - ported to work with ITRunner, fixed bugs and many other things.

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  • Ishouldmakeanaccountalready
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    when i try to purchase it in the store it says i cannot purchase it. is this because i do not own itrunner dlc?
  • Pablo
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    I have the same problem as u Ishouldmakeanaccountalready
  • Denis
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    Ola,Muito obrigado, muito bom mod, perfeito trabalho.Posso fazer um pedido, vcs conseguem fazer um mod do Mercedes Bens Axor 2540.Por favor.Obrigado pelo mod.Abraço.
  • Craig
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    yes it needs the ITrunner DLC in order to work
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