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MAN ITRunner Pack v1.6.4
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MAN ITRunner Pack v1.6.4

- Adjusted "restLoad"
- Removed some unused specializations. This should make it work better with courseplay.
- Problems with the wheels on the black truck is fixed. Thanks to MadMax at Giants software.

This mod include two trucks to use with the ItRunner DLC (Required).

- I used the original mods and added the Giants ITRunner system instead of HKL, in addition I tweaked some things and fixed many bugs. The mod consist of two trucks, one that is standard (472 hp) and one “heavy-duty” (647 hp).

- They are washable.
- You can pick a color.
- They require ITrunner DLC to work.
- They work in multiplayer.
- The horsepower in the store page is based on the ingame console command (gsVehicleToggleDebugRendering).
- You can add “oversize” signs by clicking the “J” key.

- removed script error.
1.2 (15.12.2015)
- The Heavy-duty truck breaks faster.
- They both have reduced max rpm.
- Heavy-duty have more torque.
- Heavy-duty truck as tire tracks that matches the wheels.
- Default color of heavy duty is now black.
- They both now have a max speed of 62 kmh.
- The collision box of the heavy-duty is now correct.
- 3rd person view on standard truck is fixed.
- The gap between the container and the trucks are closed.
- Removed an inputBinding that was not in use.
1.5 (08.01.2016)
- Added the official (Giants) ITRunner system. It now works more like the Itrunner trailer (using the "x" key etc).
- fixed some lights being misplaced on truck 1.
- Indoor hud is now working (rpm, speed, fuel etc).
- Added missing texture on truck 1.
- Some minor changes to the models.
- added toggleable oversize warning signs
- fixed some issues with the wheels.
- fixed more issues with the wheels.
- adjusted the indoor hud to show the correct speed.
- tweaked the texture on "trailer attacher".

Thanks to hellhawk005 for helping me to implement the Giant ITrunner system.
Thanks to Saty for the the “universalToggleParts” script.
Truck 1:
- Giants – model and Itrunner
- Kyosho’s Modfactory
- Bullgore and Dave - http://lsmod2015.com/man-tgs-agricultural-hkl-v-2-0/
- Erik1988 - ported to work with ITRunner, fixed bugs and many other things.

- Giants – model and Itrunner
- Kyosho’s Modfactory (http://www.modhoster.com/mods/man-tgs-hkl-set)
- Erik1988 - ported to work with ITRunner, fixed bugs and many other things.

  • Redneck farmer
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    Did you fix the problem with the store??, because all previous versions shows up, but not able to purchase it. Maybe it is only made for multiplayer maps and NOT single player. The reason for asking, is I am tried of downloading this mod and it fails to work as in a single player game.
  • Treeslayer
    2016-01-20 16:40 Send message
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    frustrating right man
  • Nexans
    2016-01-20 21:51 Send message
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    - They require ITrunner DLC to work.
  • Mrtot
    2016-01-23 23:56 Send message
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    do they really NEXANS
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