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MAN KAT 2 agricultural swap carrier v2.0
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MAN KAT 2 agricultural swap carrier v2.0

I have created a MAN KAT II, he has a front linkage, it can absorb all 5.4 meters setting frame as he can every hitching Zugmaulanhänger back. For me, the log is clean, the MP I can not test it, he needed patch 1.2.
In purchasing it costs in the store LS 28,000 €
His daily maintenance is 50 € LS.
It may not be original or converted into other forums uploaded, just below the original download link.

CaroRoadTrain, Cubus(B&B Mapping Design)

  • Grey
    2015-06-27 00:04
    Without a doubt, this has got to be my favorite swapper, going back 3 games.Only thing that ever bugged me with the previous model was that errant headlight glow. But it's fixed
  • Eng51ine
    2015-06-27 01:56
    Where can one obtain the bodies for this truck?
  • Blacky
    2016-03-05 15:24
    waste doesn't even come up on the game at all garbage mod
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