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Man TGS 18 440  Brantner E8041 Tipper With Trailer  V2
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Man TGS 18 440 Brantner E8041 Tipper With Trailer V2

I like this little truck its handy as pockets on a shirt but I wanted A little bigger than 10,000L so I scaled up the bratner E8041 tipper And Increased The Cap to 20,000L And Done A wheel Conversion To Alcoa Aluminuim Wheels Front and rear I done this mod for myself but desided to share so I dont need No ones Negitive Feedback You Either Like it Great Im Glad  Or You dont like it and I dont care And Dont Need To Hear About it 
Per Reqeust V2 With trailer to Match Fliegl Trailer Frame With Brantner E8041 Same Scale And Cap Of 20,000L
Have Fun With It

Giants Software, SpeedySC1978,
Fruchtplanen (Säcke) stammen von Rosenthaler_ROS
Thunderhawk09 Bed, Wheels Conversion

  • Jörgen mortensen
    2015-06-27 10:38 Send message
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    Hej i like this mod a lot but can you please thake the saks away ther dont com sacks out off a combine
  • Ich


    2015-06-27 11:54 Send message
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    the bullenfänger not work
  • Thawk09
    2015-06-27 19:37 Send message
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    I Know I Don't Like The Stupid Sacks Either But That's The Way Its Setup my Mod Had Nothing To Do With That Part Who Even Built The truck done it that way
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