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Man TGS 18.480 aluminuim Wheels V1
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Man TGS 18.480 aluminuim Wheels V1

The Man TGS Is hard To Come by in A Dual Rear Axle Fifth Wheel Truck Thats Not A Brand Textured Model So I Have Made My own From One That Had Another Use It Has A Clean Log And It Does have Color Chart  Heres The List Of Things I Done
Coverted Truck To fifth Wheel Truck
Converted Wheels To Aluminuim
Added A Enclosed  Chain & chain Binder Box Behind Cab
Added Work Lights To Top Of Chain Box
Added A Aluminuim Spare To Frame Between Chain Box And Air Lines
Added Air Lines
Turned Up The Steering A little And Turned The Low Brake Force Down Some

I Hope You Enjoy It  

Thunderhawk Coverted to fifth wheel & Aluminuim wheels

  • Thawk09
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    Its Been Brought To My Attention that the image in store on some is showing as black box sorry just getting the changing images thing down I will release a v2 when this is fixed
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