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MAN TGS 33.440 Forestry Truck & Trailers v0.7 WIP
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MAN TGS 33.440 Forestry Truck & Trailers v0.7 WIP

MAN TGS 33.440 Forestry truck with CAB - NOT COMPLETE
The cab is animated, it raises automatically when deploying stabilisator legs (X).
Crane is tweaked, works great with realistic controls (joysticks).
RPM increases when using hydraulics.

Runge operation controls:
-RightCRTL + num 8

Large trailer for two loads of wood is controlled by:
-RightCRTL + num 7
-RightCRTL + num 9

I made this to make forestry in FS15 more realistic. If you have questions please ask in the comments(english please).
The truck and trailers are NOT COMPLETE, this is just a beta release, because some fans really wanted it.
Big Thanks to SpeedySC1978 who created the original forestry MAN!
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Model: SpeedySC1978 & H3ricH
Texture: SpeedySC1978 & H3ricH
Script: SpeedySC1978 & H3ricH
Idea / Concept: SpeedySC1978 & H3ricH
Testing: SpeedySC1978 & H3ricH

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