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MAN TGS 41570 8x8 heavy duty agricultural v3.0
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MAN TGS 41570 8x8 heavy duty agricultural v3.0

Hi folks as I announced on Facebook is the smaller version first from the MAN TGS 41570 8x8 heavy duty agricultural, the V3 out.
The work of the V4 go time even further, but that does not you have to wait so long for improving the MAN, I think it's time for the V3
First of all I would also like to thank a man who has supported me in my extreme private work and me a lot of ideas have been suggested, it is now more a Gemeinschaffst- project of Sven and Ahran.
Sven thank you for your many time and work you've put into this and for your great ideas

Here's another update with pictures what was taken.

What has been changed:
Created and built 3D model for TGS label door -
Created 3D model for beweglcihe skamler u installed -.
- Collision reinserted for the stern and heavy duty construction
- Missing lines were replaced by new 3D models
- IC controller was installed
- Passenger script was installed
- Mouse Control Help was installed for the saddle plate
- Server Warnings eliminated
- Logfehler free
- Store image renewed
- Indicators Static installed, they also illuminate the side
- Offset front indicators and resized
Installed Rückfahr_Licht with lamps and spotlight -
- Hazard warning lights will light when undo
Newly installed Schmutz_Schürtze at the stern -
- Schürtze is now dynamic and moving with
- Made Game tests
Installed interior details -

The Team Bavaria Modding still wishes you much fun with this truck and the fulfill your tasks on the farm
For ideas or improvements you can write to us here or on Facebook

This mod may be uploaded under the original link to other forums, it is still Unersagt rebuild it and re-upload !!!!

Modell: Ahran
Textur: Ahran
Script: Sven & Ahran
Idee / Konzept: Ahran & Sven
Tester: Ahran & Sven

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