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MAN TGS S dump truck with trailer v1.4
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MAN TGS S dump truck with trailer v1.4

Hello everybody,
Here I present you my tipper trailer MAN TGS 18.440 tipper truck and a matching Fliegl TMK available.
The set is used as an alternative to UPK set: MAN TGS truck with trailer
Has all the standard light functions with appropriate fixtures lighting. It is also possible in multiplayer to be chauffeured in the passenger seat with over the map. The MAN also has more ground clearance than the "standard truck". The tires were slightly revised: no more shine on the gums, wide tires front of the truck.
There are no special features. The two have been adjusted on request only for the LS-15 standard types of fruit and can even load it.
The following crops can currently load in the set:
wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarbeet, silage, wood chips, grass, dryGrass_windrow grass_windrow, barley_windrow, wheat_windrow, manure, forage_mixing, forage;
Capacity is at two 10000 liters / 10 tons and is thus also remained.
For some of the above I have also adjusted the particle system. 100% perfect to me this is not done, but it looks neither totally wrong nor will it is not for me in focus. I am as the functionality of the overall package then already important
Who says now: "yet another MAN" that is said of me: "build another truck in LS15 quality or even better. If it does not fit you, then you also do not need to download it. " I was just on the little truck that was built by Giants lovingly in the LS 15, is shot.
The Pack served me exclusive models from the current Farming Simulator 2015. It also corresponds to no real role models, but only my imagination. Similarities are however not excluded.
If that is set to have fun with it like. All others I am suggesting: Stay away and look for something else.
MfG SpeedySC1978

Giants Software, SpeedySC1978,
Fruchtplanen (S├Ącke) stammen von Rosenthaler_ROS

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