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MAN TGX LFM1060 v1
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MAN TGX LFM1060 v1

Price: 650000
Brand: Mammoet
Power: 950

- animated Vehicle
- motorized
- steerable
- drivable
- cylindered
- hirable
- aiTractor
- bunker Silo Compacter
- honk
- indoorHud
- washable
- mountable
- mouse Controls Vehicle
- foldable

mammoet, Repi.

  • Tsbde
    2016-01-09 21:28 Send message
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    I am the modder of this crane, and I did not give my permission. Please delete this link at once
  • Andy
    2016-01-09 21:43 Send message
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    Wie schön,kein Wunder das die leute nix zum wenn ihr sachen einfach hier veröffentlicht werden.hauptsache derjenige der es war holt sich jetzt schlön ein runter vor freude...!!!
  • Eng51ine
    2016-01-09 21:47 Send message
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    You obviously released your mod to at least one person, that makes it public and therefore is considered freeware.
  • Donn
    2016-01-10 00:37 Send message
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    Hello , thank you for sharing this wonderful modification that has been done at a high level , with due respect for the team TSB DE . I do that every approached with respect, because really this team has in its collection a really great modifications . Let us respect anyone who
  • Donn
    2016-01-10 00:38 Send message
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    creates modifications because it is hard work . I hope that by providing this wonderful modification by a team of TSB DE new modifications will be made available as to the truth have a great set of modifications. DE TSB thanks for making this modification , and that we can enjoy your modification in the game.
  • Mote454
    2016-01-10 01:53 Send message
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    Hey Tsbde, this is a great mod and I think I speak for everyone in saying Thank You. And I know you don't want to hear this, but the first person to be at fault from this prerelease is you, and only you. Don't share your mods with anyone. If your the first to release a mod, no one else can claim it and release it. Take this as a learning experience. Hope to see more from you.
  • Point
    2016-01-10 02:46 Send message
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    punisher has THE point of all points. once you share it with even one person it because freeware and belongs to GIANTS. not to mention it only takes one to share it with another. you want your mods to stay private modders? then no pics and keep them exclusively to yourself. that means no ass licking friends get them either. just you and yourself.
  • Gwenm
    2016-01-10 10:16 Send message
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    Bonjour à tous, merci pour le mod, on s'en fout qui l'a fait (partage ! ), soucis, je n'arrive pas à fixer quelques chose au crochet.Merci de m'aider.
  • Pummelboer
    2016-01-10 13:04 Send message
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    To TSBDE: respect. This is a very original mod. High detail and super quality. (I also downoaded and used it for Construction simulator 2015, working great)I regret that some users have to answer you in such bad and disrespectfull words and I really hope people just can change their attitude and show a litle more respect to the original modder. At least have the decency to give credits to any original modder when uploading a mod of which you are not the original modder to any website.
  • Punisher
    2016-01-10 18:11 Send message
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    I just want to add to my previous statement, if you are going to share someones mod, then only thing you really need to do is give them proper credit so the community knows who made it.
  • Guest
    2016-01-10 23:10 Send message
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    i'd like to add this respect is a 2 way street. we are ALWAYS talking about respect for the modder/creator. there is NO respect for the rest of the community. these modders/editors think anyone can do what they do and anyone who doesn't want to play with in game stuff should mod or edit. modding and editing is a skill i can never have and i greatly appreciate the one's who do it and release to the public. without them my game would be all in game stuff.
  • Guest
    2016-01-10 23:12 Send message
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    sure anyone can learn how to use blender, how to use GE. but it takes great skill to turn shapes into what some of you are releasing and do the textures your doing. so no not everyone can mod or edit and not everyone should mod or edit, but at the same time i don't believe those who don't should be left in the dust with in game stuff. lets ALL have fun and enjoy the mods.
  • Pummelboer
    2016-01-11 20:04 Send message
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    uhm...TSBDE... Just had a good look at the model. You might be the first one who converted it to Farming Sim 15. However I also play Consrucion Simulator a lot and I am pretty sure that the MAN base truck is derived directly from Consrtuctino Simulator 2015 and the crane for the largest part also is derived from thee LTm1060 of the same game.
  • Pummelboer
    2016-01-11 20:05 Send message
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    This doesn't change the fact that the mod is still splendid... but I think you yourself also forgot to mention who realy is the original modeller....
  • Lol, punisher noob.
    2016-01-12 01:57 Send message
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    Punisher, Everyone knows you act tough because your behind a computer screen. Probably a 13 year old looser that thinks he's strong because of the computer screen.
  • Excavator421
    2016-01-12 19:27 Send message
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    this mod is by far one of my favorites I love using this crane to load and unload building supplies and equipment im now in the process of building a wind farm and this crane has proven its worth time and time again.
  •  erzfsdfg
    2016-01-16 19:13 Send message
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    merci pour le mode
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