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MAN Tractor unit and semitrailer HKL v1.0
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MAN Tractor unit and semitrailer HKL v1.0

MAN Tractor
Doors and windows animated and various extras
HKL semitrailers
IT Runner DLC compatible

Modell: Giants, KYFWE59, Turbobandit
Textur: Giants
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: KYFWE59, Turbobandit
Tester: KYFWE59, Turbobandit
Sonstige: KYFWE59, Turbobandit

  • John
    2016-06-18 22:02 Send message
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    i tried using the truck and trailer in my game and none of the It Runner trailers work with it they refuse to connect
  • Herk
    2016-06-19 03:18 Send message
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    Same issue tried using the truck and trailer in my game and none of the It Runner Equipment worked they won't connect PLEASE fix as it would be a great mod if it worked.
  • Herk
    2016-06-19 07:18 Send message
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    Was wondering if you could make a 6 x 6 truck to go with this trailer as well as outing trailer connection on the trailer to be able to tow a second trailer. would it be possible to make the revs slight increase when the hydraulics are been used to add touch more realism.
  • Jjj


    2016-06-19 20:08 Send message
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    dont work with it runner pack please fix other than that nice mod
  • It runner
    2016-06-19 21:23 Send message
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    if you add the hookLift attacher type on the mods xml files it works perfectly with the it runner dlc and mods
  • Paul
    2016-06-20 18:21 Send message
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    What do you add to the mods xml file please because this is a excellent mod thank you
  • It runner fan
    2016-06-20 21:49 Send message
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    how do you add the hooklift attacher type to the xml file?
  • Herk
    2016-06-21 04:58 Send message
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    Would you be able to update the mod so it would hook to the it runner. As I don't Know how to add hooklift to the xml file. I would appreciate it if you could thank you.
  • Daniel
    2016-09-01 15:53 Send message
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    itrunner is not working on this truck combi please fix it for itrunner its a very nice mod
  • Harmen
    2016-10-16 17:56 Send message
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    dont use it its fake use the man agrar gr harmen
  • You all are dipshits
    2016-10-24 01:12 Send message
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    it obviously does not work with itrunner because its an hkl you have to have separate hkl connectors
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