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MAN Wechselbrucken Pack v1.0
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MAN Wechselbrucken Pack v1.0

MAN swap Pack

MAN trucks
Doors, windows open Hud illuminated div. Extras like doors to open / close from the outside, choice of colors, washable.

Swap with Fliegl construction,
Tandem trailers for swap

Individual parts MAN: ebulj ek modding?
Swap: Gnescher
Parts and MAN reconstruction / revision by Timber131

At this point again thank you for sharing.

Einzelne Teile MAN: CebuljCek Modding
Wechselbrücke: Gnescher
Teile und MAN Umbau / Überarbeitung by Timber131

  • Timber131
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    SCHROTT !!!
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