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Mandakato LR85 v1.0
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Mandakato LR85 v1.0

Price: $78,900
Width: 25.9m
Function: Applies mositure

Model: Lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Texture: Lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Script: Lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Idea / Concept: Lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Testing: Lindbejb (lindbejb modding)

  • Guest
    2016-05-01 13:55
    lol, joe is trying HARD to get back in the lime light, now that people are creating mods similar to his and no one gives a shit about him anymore. he's gonna have to release far better than the shit he's releasing to get back into the lime light.
  • Quit talkin trash
    2016-05-01 15:03
    If you would know he had a youtube and a facebook, you would know he is happy with his support. He wants to release these mods because of the support he is getting and so much less greed.
  • Dave
    2016-05-02 15:28
    Joe is releasing these not just because he wants to for everyones support its more so that people stopped caring for the love of his CAT when siid and Marvin released theres, so now theres is out joes cat means nothing
  • Guest
    2016-05-02 16:18
    dave hit the nail square on the head. other modders are making and releasing mods similar to his and have lost interest in his mods because they are getting them else where. he won't share his challenger, cat truck, kinze or db planters and others are making them and releasing them and have no reason to support him in hopes he will release them.
  • Guest
    2016-05-03 01:24
    i have yet to see anyone make a model that comes remotely close to joes. guest and dave are honestly blind. Post links to these please.
  • @guest
    2016-05-03 03:51
    @ guest. so your one of those who has their lips glued to joes ass as well i see. joes mods are superior to another modders mods in any way, shape, or form. there are plenty of modders who do equally great work. the challenger that siid, marvin released is work of art and there's some very decent cat trucks out there too. not to mention you don't have to brown nose siid or marvin. they do what every modder should be doing. releasing for everyone to enjoy because thats the point.
  • Nope!
    2016-05-03 13:29
    That Cat Challenger is garbage and cant even turn properly and the Cat truck is so glossy that it blinds me. I think the Cat Challenger model was ported in from another game too, so its not a work of art.
  • Guest
    2016-05-03 16:10
    check your computer settings dude. there are different versions of the cat truck and the one i'm using is not glossy at all. looks identical to joes except i have a different color, different exhaust and the windows don't roll down but who gives a shit about that. as for the challenger. mine turns fine. if you don't know how to edit find someone who does. it just needed a little tweak. its better than not having a challenger at all and its way better than kissing joes pooper to try and get his.
  • Uhh, no...
    2016-05-03 22:24
    Every single cat truck out there that isn't public is shit, the models are garbage, and they work horridly.
  • Guest
    2016-05-04 17:11
    i've never seen a bigger bunch of children in my life. this is a game. it's not real life. my 5 year old nephew behaves better than some of you do. if you don't like a mod don't download or use it. if you don't like a member of the community ignore that member. if everyone would follow one simple rule the community would be a much better community. respect.
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