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Man Dumper V1
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Man Dumper V1

I offer a version of truck Man mode dump, to transfer the product of the rook and materials from the mines to the manufacture of materials, has a capacity of 80,000 liters and has 4 active axes and the product can move it wheat rape maize silage barley chaff potato sugarbeet woodchips grass_windrow barley_windrow manure forage forage_mixing concrete cement sand stone gravel limestone soil Kalk coal tailings Asphalt toutvenant sunflower fertilizer.


  • Redneck farmer
    2015-10-30 00:23 Send message
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    might be a good mod, but as it doesn't fill up at any silos its not much good to use in the game,
  • Cbolin2
    2015-11-03 03:37 Send message
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    Fills up just fine @ my farm silos in US map. Would be nice if the "dump key" was set to something other than "Q", it dumped a load while attaching a trailer. "B" to dump would be a nice revision, other than that, this mod functions well and I'm having lots of fun using it, very useful vehicle.
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