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Manitou 1542 TSR Set v1.0 clean
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Manitou 1542 TSR Set v1.0 clean

Here the Manitou1542TSR_LS15_clean
incl. multi-bucket and bale fork ...
Who does not like, simply NOT upload!

Manitou 1542TRS:
* Animated
* Attacher front / rear: normal / low
* Frontladerattacher: telehandler, 2x front loader (LS13 / LS15), cutter, implement
* Work light front
* Heavy (30t)!
* ... And other little things

Multi blade:
* Frontladerattacher: front loader
* Capa: 7,500
* Fruits:
rape maize barley sunflower wheat grass dryGrass chaff potato
Sugarbeet silage forage seeds manure fertilizer lime sand wood chips

Multi fork v2:
* Frontladerattacher: front loader
* Animated
* Bales attach to keystroke x
* Verbreiterbar keystroke
... Thereby fold out the spikes and push outwards.
The ball Attac Herbe Reich changes with it!
*! ... Unpack it ... NOT!
* Log: ... clean up to 4x I10 warnings

(No idea why ... everything in it)
Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife
It is prohibited to upload this mod again, not even in modified form!
Please use the original download link!

LS09: Jaguar_driver ???
LS11: Punica ???

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    2015-02-21 03:56
    like this but could do with the weights to attach to the back when loading heavy things it tips up
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