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Manual Attaching v2.1 with PTO attach/detach function
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Manual Attaching v2.1 with PTO attach/detach function

- manual attaching all machines / tools / trailers on approach to attacher
- power takeoff attached separately (without PTO machine will not start)

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Script: Burner
Help/testing: Maciusboss1

  • Furiousdoughnut
    2015-08-10 00:46
    THANK YOU!! I have been waiting so long for this mod to come to fs 15.
  • I have been waiting so long........... Just like him^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Coliin
    2015-08-11 02:00
    thank you soooooo much
  • Smssk
    2015-08-11 17:08
    this mod don't work on my game pls help
  • Gracz z polski
    2015-08-11 20:35
  • Name
    2015-08-11 23:50
    smssk, walk up to the trailer by the hitch. It doesn't in the tractor.
  • Atgenius
    2015-08-19 16:19
    for the next update can you make it so we can't attach the attachment while we are in the tractor please that would make the mod so much more realistic? thank you
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